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Did you just receive a tax audit letter from the state?

Did your CPA or tax accountant whom you thought you were happy with, suddenly cannot help or defend you in the sales tax audit?

Did the sales & use auditor requested a huge tax assessment?

We are former state sales tax auditors with significant experience in handling audits of State Sales & use & telecommunication tax. We have strong knowledge in inter-state and intra-state sales and telecom tax regulations. We can help with audits or reverse audits for refund recovery whether you're in , or in another city.

Many of our clients just realized that it is better to work with former sales & use tax auditor experts than with a sales tax software automation company, in order to be well prepared for a sales tax audit defense. We also have run the sales tax department of fortune 500 corporations. We know the audit methods that sales tax auditors can and cannot use. We know how to manage auditors expectations. Our sales tax consultants can help your organization with managing Sales and Use Tax audits. If you or your accountant has done a good job in collecting sales tax and in maintainingsales report data, then most sales tax audits usually take 2 to 4 hours of our time to close.

Our Sales Tax Audit Services include:
Engagement with the state sales & use tax auditor
Working with you to prepare you for the actual audit.
Reviewing and taking the necessary action on the sales tax auditor's tax assessment result

If you are being audited, it is a great benefit to consult with our real former sales tax auditor expert consultants, instead of using typical general local or CPA firms or accountants who are used to offering general accounting or bookkeeping services. Please contact our sale tax consulting professionals now to manage your sales & use or telecom tax audits.

Sales Tax Audit management can be cost effective:
Remote Salestax Audit Help
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