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Sales Tax Rates Calculation Service

We have the expertise to calculate the sales tax from your monthly sales report based on a specified format template. Our sales tax rates calculation service is helpful for companies that do not charge sales tax, and instead choose to absorb the sales tax costs. We can calculate the sales tax by applying the proper sales tax rates to each transaction in the monthly report. Then we can prepare and file the sales tax returns in all applicable states.

Sales Tax Calculation

Some retailers may find it convenient to not charge sales tax at all and simply absorb the tax. This can save a lot of costs from having to implement tax calculation software or to deal with different tax rates. It is less costly to absorb the sales tax because there is no need to subscribe to any sales tax rates service or to use a real-time sales tax calculation service. There is no need to track or to configure different sales tax rates for each jurisdiction in the USA. A huge amount of time and cost can be saved from not having to charge sales tax, but instead to absorb the sales tax. The states have no preference whether a seller collects the sales tax from buyers or to pay it out of pocket. The Sellers can slightly raise the merchandise prices enough to cover the cost of sales tax in some states. It can also increase sales because most buyers do not like to buy items from sellers who charge sales tax.

We can help your company with Sales and Use Tax calculations using proper sales tax rates. Our sales tax consultants also have significant experience in the timely filing of State Sales Tax to different States, County, and City jurisdictions.

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Sales Tax can be calculated from different sales reports: FBA sales report
Most Accounting ERP sales report
Other sales report sources